Why CoOp?

Collaborate & Innovate. Own Your Code.

Pit Crew CoOp gives you ownership of your auto repair marketing and software and your loyalty rewards program.

With a combined experience of over 100 years in working with Independent Auto Repair Shops, Jeff Rudnick and his team of auto repair professionals have developed the most comprehensive customer retention program in the industry: The eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program.

Joining a CoOp gives you:

  • Extra buying and bargaining power
  • Allows you to give input to improve on products and services
  • Lowers your operating costs

Gain the benefit of sharing knowledge and talent to help boost each CoOp Owner’s business. Gain a competitive edge in the auto repair marketplace. Help build and develop marketing and software products that will help not only the business owner and the auto repair industry, but also our customers and our communities too.

“The CoOp for me really moves towards being able to collaborate with other shop owners that are in our same market that want to help each other to grow and want to compete together in a marketplace that is very competitive and has some pretty big players coming in consolidating that market. We’re looking at any opportunity we can, not only collaborate our energy, our talent and knowledge, but also reduce expenses, increase our buying power, and possibly build a business that’s going to help a lot of other people as well.” Brian Bates, Eagle Automotive

Take control of your future and OWN YOUR CODE.

Being a Pit Crew CoOp Owner empowers you to transform your business by having input in the products and software that the CoOp develops and offers. Plus there are many benefits to ownership, including enjoying discounts on all CoOp products and services.

Pit Crew CoOp ownership is exclusive.

We want to work with those who demonstrate a desire and passion to improve themselves and our community.

If you feel you are the one we’re looking for and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of CoOp Ownership, submit your Pit Crew CoOp Owner Application today:

Did You Know? Being a CoOp Owner gives you a competitive advantage. Own your marketing products and software solutions.

“If I buy my products through the CoOp, I’ll recoup that money because I’m paying a little bit less, plus I get the added benefit of the knowledge base and the opportunity for a dividend, it’s a no-brainer. The ability to have some input, and to keep a product that we can develop and build upon, and have input into how it actually helps and transforms our own business, that’s exciting to me. That’s disruptive. We can lower all of our costs and still give ourselves a return every year.”

Chris Garman

Owner, Wilhelm Automotive