YES and NO. Surprised?

The truth is, not ALL auto repair shops are able to successfully implement a Rewards Program.

Are you one of those shops that can?

As with any tool or equipment that you use in your automotive repair shop, it depends on different factors:


Obviously, the quality of the tool is going to affect its performance and reliability. But how about relevancy? Is it relevant to what you need, will it accomplish what you want it to do?

eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards is your all-in-one Rewards Program and customer communications tool. Forget about trying to manage different software services that do different things. Who has time for that?

With eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards, your Service Advisors will be able to easily reward your customers for maintaining or repairing their vehicle with Rewards Card dollars or free earned services. Setup charity fundraising with the non-profits you, your employees, or customers would like to support and donate Reward Dollars to.

Triggered email and SMS Text message communications are sent to remind customers of their Rewards Balances, earning of free services, and more.


Does the tool or equipment fit into your workflow, system, and/or process? Will using it disrupt your system, and if so how long will it take to adjust, and is it worth it?

eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards works with most Shop Management Systems, can be quickly integrated into your workflow, and helps enhance customer interactions. You can easily track services to reward customers with free earned services (such as free oil changes).


Can the tool or equipment be easily and quickly used by the end-user? If there is a sharp learning curve, it makes the tool or equipment harder to implement. This can discourage the use of the tool. Who wants to use something that is hard to figure out?

Rest assured, eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards is easy to use for your Service Advisors. They can quickly add or redeem Rewards Card values with every service transaction. We also have a Google Chrome Extension that makes it even easier to do!

“The BEST retention program I’ve seen. The return on investment has been the HIGHEST I’ve had in the past 13 years I’ve been in business.”

Tony Lynn, Advanced Auto Clinic

“Pit Crew Marketing has accomplished and surpassed all of the goals we set when we started their program.”

Scott Morrison, City Garage