Is your auto repair shop business seeing too many one-and-done customers?

Decrease your 1-and-Dones and turn indifferent customers into raving fans with eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards.

There’s nothing worse than indifference. Customers who leave and go, “Meh, whatever.”

You’re not doing anything wrong. Your customers are just indifferent about you. They come and they go and you may never know why they don’t come back for another visit.

Indifference can put you and your business in limbo because you don’t typically hear from indifferent customers. More often than not, you will hear the complaints (which is an opportunity to fix the issue and create a loyal customer) or the raves, rather than the silent, indifferent majority.

So how do you turn an indifferent customer into a loyal, raving fan? What elevates YOU over your competition?

It’s not discounts or low prices that will drive these loyal customers to you. You need to give them more. We provide the more.

Our clients have been successful in achieving every shop’s biggest goal: earning customers’ loyalty and continued repeat business.

On average, households with an eWardMe Rewards Card SPEND almost TWICE as much as those who don’t have a card, and visit TWICE as OFTEN.

How eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards decreases your 1-and-Dones

eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program improves your customer retention, increases customer loyalty and decreases customer attrition through the use of:

Reward Dollars

Easily add, redeem and track your customer’s Rewards Balance; allow customers to look up their Rewards Balance on your website and much more with eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards. Watch a free demo.

New Customer Referral Program

You can either Reward Customers for the referral or allow your customers to donate their Referral Reward Dollars to charity. eWardMe automatically tracks the referrals and sends automated emails for you.

Free Oil Changes

The eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards portal automatically tracks purchases and rewards the customer with a free oil change. You set the parameters, let eWardMe do the work.

Charitable Giving

Foster goodwill within your local community & create community partnerships by allowing customers to donate their Reward Dollars. eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards makes it easy to setup and run.

Roadside Assistance

When you provide 24-hour nationwide coverage for Roadside Assistance, your customers will know that you always have their back wherever they are. This is not your regular Roadside Assistance program. Ask us why.

Automated Email and SMS Text Messaging

Send triggered alerts for appointment reminders, rewards balance, thank you, customer reviews and much more. It all can be done either through triggered emails or SMS texts. Learn more about Pit Crew’s SMS Text Marketing program.

Predictive Reminder Mailers

These are not your ordinary postcard mailers! These are premium, plastic Gift Card Mailers that can be branded and customized for your business. Setup Predictive Reminder Mailers such as oil change reminders, inspection, maintenance, thank you, we miss you and more.

Combining a Gift Card Mailer with an SMS text blast increases the response rate by 75%!

Contact us today to start seeing the results with your auto repair shop business when you enroll in eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards.