With a great partnership, both your auto repair shop business and local non-profits can support each other and your community.

As an auto repair shop, you can help raise awareness about the local non-profit and encourage Reward Dollar donations from customers. You can also set matching donations. You can also set an increased Rewards earning percentage for customers who donate their Reward Dollars.

As a most recent example, our clients used eWardMe to support their local communities during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The response from the community and their customers were heartfelt and helped pay for auto repair services for local heroes. These efforts also helped raise awareness for local non-profits groups and other local businesses.

Communications with both the non-profit and your customers are automated with eWardMe. 

Non-Profit: The non-profit receives an automatic email when you add them to your eWardMe Rewards Program.

Customers: Customers receive an email blast with their Rewards Account Balance and a link to donate their Reward Dollars to your featured non-profit.

The communications that create the most impact on customers are the ones that show how their actions, in partnership with your business, can impact their community and make a difference.

What local causes do you want to support through your auto repair shop?

  • Food banks and food drives
  • Schools and school sports teams
  • Community sports teams
  • Medical and health non-profit organizations
  • Human, children, family and social services
  • Human societies, animal shelters, animal rights and services

There are many non-profit organizations in our local communities who would love to partner with your auto repair shop business!

Contact us to learn how easy it is for your auto repair shop to create and develop partnerships with local non-profits with eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards.

TIP: You can learn about the non-profit organization you want to support by looking them up on CharityNavigator.org.