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eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program
Earning Your Customers' Loyalty

Customizable Customer Care Kit
The Powerful eWardMe Database Portal
eWardMe Mobile App for Smartphones
Rewards Card Program
24-Hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance
Cause-Based Marketing
Customer Referral Program
Reminder Mailers
Nationwide Auto Repair Warranty
Client Testimonial

Pit Crew Marketing's eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program

One of the biggest questions automotive service and repair businesses face on a daily basis is: "How can we earn our customers' loyalty?"

Of course, everything starts by providing excellent service and work on your customers' vehicles. But this is only the beginning. Customers can find good work from other automotive service and repair providers out there. So, how does your business stand apart from the rest?

The real question is:
Why should your customers return to you?

Pit Crew has thoroughly examined this question, and through years of experience in working with our automotive service and repair clients, we have developed our comprehensive eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program. Our clients who are enrolled in our eWardMe program have been successful in achieving every shop's biggest goal:
earning customers' loyalty and continuing repeat business.

On average, consumers with an eWardMe Rewards Card SPENT up to nearly TWICE as much annually as consumers who don't have a card, and VISIT up to nearly TWICE as often!

The Automotive Industry's Best Customer
Acquisition and Retention Program!

Developed and designed exclusively for the automotive service provider, our innovative eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program has been proven to not only help attract quality, targeted customers to your auto service and repair business, but also to get them coming back.

“My customers LOVE this Rewards Program and so do I! I am seeing higher Repair Order tickets and increased visits. There are so many ways to market this program. Do yourself a favor and check it out and see how you can increase your business. The tows I bring in pay for this many times over and the referrals are just gravy!”
Mark Simons, Owner
Rolf’s Import Auto Service
Lakewood and Fife, Washington

Customizable Customer Care Kit

When you enroll in our eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards program, you will get a fully customized Customer Care kit designed with your brand's colors and logo.

Your branded Customer Care kit includes:

Glovebox folder
Customer Care brochure
Rewards Card - full size card and key fob card
Referral Program insert with tear-off referral cards

Get your own branded Customer Care Kit

Each piece of the Customer Care kit fits nicely into the Glovebox Folder, which has slits in the pocket flaps where you can put your business card and rewards card into. We recommend telling your customers when you hand them the kit to keep their folder in their glovebox, that way they will always have it with them wherever they are on the road.

The eWardMe Portal: A powerful database program that integrates seamlessly with your shop management system.

Our eWardMe Portal is the ONLY database rewards program in the automotive industry that can be integrated into nearly ANY shop management system.

The eWardMe Portal is easy to use and can be quickly integrated with your daily customer interactions. Keep track of your customers' service and repair histories, rewards card balances, customer referral rewards, roadside assistance benefits and so much more. The Portal enables automatic triggered emails sent to your customers, such as rewards card balance notices, reminder emails, charity notifications and more.

When your customers come in for service, your service advisor simply scans their Rewards Card to pull up their information in the eWardMe Portal. The Portal automatically calculates the correct rewards dollars to place on the customer's rewards card when they purchase services. You can configure your Rewards Program for different rewards levels, such as for fleet or commercial customers.

Rewarding your loyal customers with free or discounted services is easy with the eWardMe Portal! You can configure which services to track and the number of times a customer needs to purchase in order to earn a free or discounted service. When a customer earns a free or discounted service, the Portal triggers an automatic email to the customer to notify them. These triggered emails also contain their Rewards Card balance.

Plus, with enrollment into our eWardMe program, you will get your own custom eWardMe Mobile App!

Your customers with smartphones will be able to check their own service and repair history, rewards card balance, connect to roadside assistance when they need it, call your shop directly from the app, as well as get GPS directions from their location to your shop.

Listed below are the programs that you can get when enrolled in the eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program.


Get your own smartphone eWardMe Mobile App
auto repair shop rewards card Rewards Card Program
A question many auto repair businesses face is how to generate repeat customers. The answer can be found with our eWardMe Rewards Card Program. With this fully customizable Rewards Card Program, not only can your customers earn rewards dollars towards future services or repairs, the card also has the added value of your Nationwide Warranty information and Nationwide Roadside Assistance. Plus, you can set your Rewards Card program to allow your customers to earn free or discounted services by tracking those purchases through the eWardMe portal - you can set the types of free or discounted services and frequency levels.

free 24-hour nationwide roadside assistance 24-Hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance
Your customers will be wowed when you offer them complimentary 24-Hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance. You can set how often your customers must purchase services or repairs at your shop in a one year period in order for them to retain Roadside Assistance benefits. Benefits include towing, lock-out assistance, fluid delivery (fuel, oil, water), flat tire assistance, and battery jump start. Our eWardMe Portal allows you to easily print ROI (Return on Investment) Reports with our Data Extraction Tool so you can see who used their Roadside Benefits, how much did they spend, how much revenue you earned from services/repairs purchased by customers from tow-ins to your shop and more.

auto repair cause based marketing charity community giving Cause-Based Marketing
Generate local community support and drive new consumers to your shop by allowing customers to donate their earned Rewards Dollars to local or national charities. Through the eWardMe portal, you can choose your charity organizations and charity donation levels, which you can set to match with your customers' rewards dollar donations.

auto repair customer referral program Customer Referral Program
Designed to attract new customers, our Referral Program is fully integrated into our eWardMe portal. You can customize your own Referral Program by setting the dollar rewards that your customers can earn on their Rewards Card by referring new customers to you. Referred customers are given your branded Referral Card with an incentive to try you out. The eWardMe Portal will trigger an automatic email to the referring customer to thank them for the referral and notify them of how much they earned for the referral on their Rewards Card. Used correctly and consistently, this Referral Program will become your #1 or #2 source of new customers guaranteed!

auto repair service reminders postcard email Reminder Mailers
Send customers your branded, customized Reminder Mailers either by postcard or email. These Reminders are personalized for each customer, and can include reminders for oil changes, technician recommended services and more. Our Reminder Mailer program is powered by DemandForce.

nationwide auto repair warranty program

Nationwide Warranty Program
With eWardMe, you can now offer an Auto Repair Warranty program that is good throughout North America. You can customize your own Warranty program by setting the mileage and time interval (such as 12 Months / 12,000 Miles). Give your customers peace of mind whether they're close to home, or far away. You can also use your own internal warranty program.

Are you ready to take your business beyond the next level and start attracting loyal customers?
Click here to fill out our Request Information form and one of our associates will contact you for a complimentary analysis of your automotive service and repair business.

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