If you aren’t using texting to communicate with customers yet, you should strongly consider doing so!

Texts have higher open and response rates than email. While email is still used for communication, these days email inboxes are inundated with many messages, many of which are left unopened or immediately trashed or junked into spam. 

Here are some stats to consider (according to the experts at MarketingProfs):

Volume: On average, 74 Trillion emails are sent per year, versus 8 Trillion text messages

Open Rates: For SMS texts: 98%, versus Email 20%

Response Rates: SMS Text response rate is 45%, compared to Email response rate at 6%

Response Time: On average, it takes people 90 minutes to respond to an email versus 90 seconds for them to respond to a text. 95% of all text messages are read within 90 seconds (most are read in under 5 seconds).

Clients at Pit Crew have discovered that they can quickly and effectively communicate urgent messages and reminders through texting. Customers do respond much more quickly and appreciate the reminders they receive, such as:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Oil change reminders
  • Service reminders

Auto repair shops can also send SMS text blasts to offer specials to get cars in on slow days. Many clients also do a combination of email and text blasts to create a campaign around a special offer or message.

Texting has also allowed repair shops to save customer relationships by quickly responding to and resolving customer complaints and issues.

With Pit Crew, you can also send Customer Review requests, follow-up and thank you messages, we miss you, and more.

Other text messages that auto repair shops can send include:

  • Holiday and seasonal offers
  • Watch your mailbox for your gift card mailer*
  • Nominate or vote for us for best local auto repair
  • Open House or other events
  • Charity fundraising

* By combining a text message with a direct mail reminder, you will see nearly a 75% increase in response rate!

We also have a digital version of our popular eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program. You can go 100% digital and paperless with your Rewards Program by having it all done through SMS texting!

Drop us a line on our Contact Form to ask how you can best implement an effective SMS Text Marketing program for YOUR auto repair shop.