New Software Converts Customer Relationships from Transactional to Relational

Seattle, Wash.– Building on 21 years of experience with highly successful Rewards Programs for the Independent Automotive Service and Repair industry, Pit Crew Marketing has now raised the bar significantly with its eWardMe 22 software program.

“We have proven that repair shops that engage consumers with a suite of high-value benefits, combined with community outreach and charitable giving, own their market territory,” said Jeffrey Rudnick, president and CEO of Pit Crew Marketing and Pit Crew CoOp. “Benefits include Rewards Dollars, Integrated Referral Programs, Roadside Assistance, and EARNED FREE OIL CHANGES or OTHER SERVICES, among others. Not all customers are created equally, so eWardMe 22 moves consumers through a continuum of expanding or contracting  benefits.”

“We embed businesses so deeply into the fabric of the community with this new software that clients and prospects are drawn to shops without knowing why,” Rudnick said. “By putting a shop’s inherent goodness front and center, the community begins to transact with them because they feel they are all in it together and they trust the shop. Today’s small businesses must operate from integrity, a purity of purpose, and communicate that with authentic actions, not empty words.”

Over two years, the Pit Crew staff and support elements have worked diligently to develop the extensive eWardMe 22 software. “This tool also helps attract and retain the most profitable customers, as well as quality employees,” said Rudnick. “In the end, this product changes the DNA of shops as well as the relationships with consumers and teammates.”

The Pit Crew staff said this new software is the industry’s first open API Rewards Program, as it allows any shop management system to access all of its features and build into any shop’s software. “One unique feature of eWardMe 22 is that on average the program reduces the “One & Done” customers by 25 percent.”

Pit Crew Marketing has provided marketing solutions and exceptional rewards programs to service and repair facilities across North America for more than two decades. Pit Crew CoOp offers businesses one-of-a-kind ownership of its marketing and software solutions, as well as interfacing with other successful repair shop owners. For additional information, visit their website at www.PitCrewMarketing.com.