Auto Repair Marketing

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Our products and solutions are developed specifically for the independent auto repair shop.

We are highly responsive to our clients’ requests and needs, and are continually improving our products and software solutions based on client feedback.

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Jeff Rudnick and his team of auto repair professionals at Pit Crew CoOp have over 100 years of combined experience in the auto repair industry. Plus our Pit Crew CoOp Owners are successful auto repair shop owners just like you, who collaborate and contribute their experience and knowledge base to improve our products and develop new ones.

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“My customers LOVE this Rewards Program and so do I! I am seeing higher Repair Order tickets and increased visits. There are so many ways to market this program. Do yourself a favor and check it out and see how you can increase your business. The tows I bring in pay for this many times over and the referrals are just gravy!”
Mark Simons

Owner, Rolf's Import Auto Service