eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards

Improve Your Shop Marketing and Customer Retention

Everything starts by providing excellent customer service and quality work on your customers’ vehicles. But this is only the beginning. Most likely, your customers can find good work from other automotive service and repair providers in your area. So, how does your business stand apart from the rest?

With a combined experience of over 100 years in working with Independent Auto Repair Shops, Jeff Rudnick and his team of auto repair professionals have developed the most comprehensive customer retention program in the industry: The eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program.

Increase customer loyalty through the use of:

Reward Dollars
With this fully customizable Rewards Card Program, your new and existing customers can earn Reward Dollars towards future services or repairs.

Referral Program
Set the amount your customers can earn on their Rewards Card by referring new customers to you and create a steady stream of new business.

Free Oil Changes
Allow your customers to earn free oil changes by customizing the frequency in our easy-to-use Rewards portal, which automatically tracks purchases.

Charitable Giving
Generate community support and new customers to your shop by allowing them to donate their Reward Dollars to local or national charities.

Roadside Assistance
Give your customer peace of mind whether they’re close to home, or far away. Our Roadside Assistance Program is good throughout the United States and Canada.

Email Alerts
Emails are sent to your customers at critical moments to thank them for a referral, alert of their Rewards balance, roadside assistance program expiry, and more.

Mobile Application
Our mobile app will allow your customers to request roadside assistance, view their Rewards Card balance, and make a charitable donation.

Our clients have been successful in achieving every shop’s biggest goal: earning customers’ loyalty and continued repeat business.

Did You Know? On average, households with an eWardMe Rewards Card spend almost twice as much as those who don’t have a card and visit twice as often.

“Our 1-visit-and-done customers are down dramatically, our average RO is up when a household has a Reward Card, and annual household spend increase is amazing.”
Scott Brown

Owner, Cardinal Plaza Shell