Pit Crew CoOp Text Marketing

Send Text Messages to Your Customers

Our text message program can replace any text app that you’re using today.

Letting customers know that you appreciate their business and are concerned about their vehicle’s health not only helps strengthen customer retention, but also boosts the bottom line.

With Pit Crew CoOp’s Text Marketing, you can:

  • Increase Customer Reviews to sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Remind customers of upcoming appointments
  • Send customers deals, predictive service reminders and more
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention with followup, thank you, and we miss you messages

Pit Crew CoOp Text Marketing offers a powerful and easy-to-use SMS portal that allows you to customize your SMS Marketing, specifically designed for your auto repair shop business. You can use it as your full-blown customer retention and reminder program. From deals to service reminders, connect directly with your customers with personalized and automated text messages!

You can send text messages to individual customers or send out text blasts to your customer database based on the criteria you set. By combining a text message with a direct mail reminder, you will see nearly a 75% increase in response rate!

Predictive reminder text messages you can send include:

  • State or Safety Inspection Reminder
  • Declined or Deferred Service Reminder
  • Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
  • Oil Change Reminder

General text messages you can send include:

  • Deals
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Customer Review Requests
  • Thank You for Your Business
  • Service Follow-Up
  • We Miss You
  • Rewards Balance Expiration
  • Roadside Assistance Expiration

Did you know? Combining a text message with a gift card mailer increases response rate by nearly 75%!

“We were able to replace Podium and MyShopManager without losing functionality, we actually gained functionality. We save $200 per location and we own the code.”
Brian Bates

Owner, Eagle Automotive

“We only have two triggers up and running and I love this program. It has allowed me to address concerns we would have never known about and possibly save customer relationships. We are also seeing an increase in Google Reviews and a 30% or better response rate in Moseley. Looking forward to getting the full program up and running soon.”
Kim Taylor

Owner, Titan Auto & Tire