UPDATED: December 5, 2022

Most business owners who have a referral program or are thinking about implementing a referral program worry about the profitability of the program and the idea of giving away dollars to “buy” customers. Some believe it may result in attracting customers who are just looking for a discount and will become the dreaded one-and-done customer.

If you implement your Referral Program correctly, then as Mark Simons of Rolf’s Import Auto Service says, “…the referrals are just gravy!”


1. GIVE 2 REFERRAL CARDS to each customer EVERY VISIT.
You will get 10 TIMES the referrals versus if you just give them Referral Cards only at their first visit.

2. THANK YOUR CUSTOMERS for the Referral.
Text automated thank yous to your customers using Pit Crew’s eWardMe SMS Text Marketing platform. We also send automated thank you emails too. This lets your customers know their referral came in, and that they earned bonus Reward Dollars that they can use for future service at your shop.

3. INCLUDE A REFERRAL CARD with your Direct Mail.
One of our most highly successful Gift Card Mailers is the 2-Card Mailer that includes a Referral Card as one of the Gift Cards! Your customers get one for themselves, and a second one to give a friend on their first visit to your shop!

Go paperless with our Digital SMS Text Rewards Program and TEXT your customers Digital Referral Cards with their name on it! They can easily text forward their Referral Cards to family and friends.

5. INTEGRATE CHARITABLE GIVING with your Referral Program.
Promote community building and goodwill through your Referral Program by allowing customers to donate the Reward Dollars that they earn from Referrals to local charities. eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards includes charitable giving and makes it easy for you to set it up.

Drop us a line on our Contact Form to ask how you can best implement a Referral Program for YOUR auto repair shop.