Create a spirit of partnership with your customers and communicate with a Total Surround-Sound Experience

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a huge factor for today’s consumer in determining their purchasing decision.

In the 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study, they found that “nearly nine-in-10 Americans (89%) would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality. And whenever possible, a majority (79%) continues to seek out products that are socially or environmentally responsible.”

What is your auto repair shop doing for outreach, charitable giving, and non-profit fundraising for your local community? How are you communicating your CSR efforts to your customers?

Consumers today want companies to take socially responsible actions that ensure the well-being of themselves, the company’s employees and the global community.

Being a good employer (94%) – Through SMS, email, direct mail, we highlight your staff or practices as an employer (how you and your employees are involved in programs and charities that benefit our communities).

Operating in a way that protects and benefits society and the environment (90%) – Through charities we can benefit the communities that our shops are in.

Creating products, services or programs to ensure the well-being of me and my family (89%) – Remind your customers of needed services to ensure the safety of their vehicle, provide 24-Hour Roadside Assistance that will protect them nationwide.

Investing in causes in my community and around the globe (87%) – Match customer donations and support fundraising and charities that you care with eWardMe.

Standing up for important social justice issues (78%) – Pick an issue, pick a stand and eWardMe will communicate it for you (email, SMS, direct mail).

The Total Surround-Sound Experience

Your messaging and communications with your customers must build credibility with more than just one-off advertising and promotions. Your brand must permeate and communicate your CSR in a total-surround sound experience.

The communications that create the most impact on customers are the ones that show how their actions, in partnership with your business, can impact their community and make a difference.

Creating a spirit of partnership with your customers is easy with eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards. Customers can donate their Reward Dollars to the charities of your choice. Automated emails make it easy for your business to communicate with non-profits and your customers about your fundraising efforts.

Contact us today to learn how easy it is to set up and run charitable giving and fundraising for your auto repair shop with eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards.