The Loyalty Lifecycle Benefits ALL: The Vehicle, the Customer, the Auto Repair Shop – AND your Local Community.

Pit Crew Marketing is the only company that moves the customer through a Rewards continuum based on how they behave through The Loyalty Lifecycle.

What is The Loyalty Lifecyle?

You have probably have heard of the customer lifecycle. But have you heard of The Loyalty Lifecycle? Earning a customer’s loyalty goes beyond just rewards cards and earning rewards dollars.

The VEHICLE benefits by having its performance, safety and reliability maintained, which helps prevent costly repairs and equals longer vehicle life.

The CUSTOMER benefits because maintenance drives down the cost of ownership and saves them money, as well as being rewarded with Reward Dollars and other benefits.

The SHOP benefits by earning their customers’ repeat business and new customer referrals.

BEYOND the Transaction

To attract and keep a hyper loyal customer base, your customer needs to feel you beyond the transaction. Your customers will know if you have an engaged, supportive, loyal employee base that is proud to work with you and for you.

But that loyalty always goes BOTH ways. How do YOU demonstrate your loyalty to your customers and to your employees? By properly deploying The Loyalty Lifecycle in your business, you will see an increase in morale, expanding profits and lowering ad costs dramatically. Because when you actually embed yourself in the psyche of the community there is a direct correlation with new business, repeat business, and lifetime business and decreased advertising spend.

The Loyalty Lifecycle also benefits your LOCAL Community

eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards helps your auto repair shop properly deploy The Loyalty Lifecycle. Not only through a rewards program that offers Roadside Assistance, earning of free or discounted services (e.g. oil changes), and other benefits. Of course, your customers will enjoy these aspects of the rewards program. But what will set you apart from all other auto repair shops who offer a similar rewards program or a similar level of service that you do?

With charitable giving and fundraising through eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards, we help you create a supportive network in your local community. Your auto repair business can be a place where customers know that they are valued beyond the transaction.