Pit Crew Marketing partners with Steer® by Mechanic Advisor to Propel Customer Loyalty and Retention in Auto Repair Shops

Steer®, a leader in specialized customer relationship management solutions for auto repair shops, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Pit Crew Marketing. This alliance seeks to establish the shop as a Social Impact Leader and boost customer loyalty and retention by combining the eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program offered by Pit Crew Marketing into the Steer® robust customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

Pit Crew Marketing: The Loyalty Rewards and Social Impact Specialists 

Pit Crew Marketing has honed its craft over decades, bringing more than 100 years of combined experience to auto repair shops around the country. Their comprehensive eWardMe Auto Shop Rewards Program offers an array of features designed to increase community engagement and positive Social Impact, do good deeds in the community, and promote customer loyalty and repeat business. From Reward Dollars and Free Oil Changes to a Referral Program and Charitable Giving options, Pit Crew Marketing’s platform provides a variety of ways for auto repair shops to reward and engage their customers. The program even includes Roadside Assistance coverage throughout the United States and Canada, as well as Email/Text Alerts and a Consumer Profile Page for easy access to all features and balances. Pit Crew knows that a Rewards Program is nothing without a well thought out strategy and a plan to deploy it. 

Steer® : Driving Customer Relationships 

Steer® stands at the forefront of the auto repair shop industry, providing innovative CRM solutions that streamline operations, promote customer loyalty, and boost revenue. By focusing on efficient customer interaction management, Steer® helps auto repair shops thrive in a competitive market. Their system offers shop owners the ability to track customer interactions, manage appointments, and provide personalized communications. By focusing on the details, Steer® enables auto repair shops to build lasting relationships with their customers. 

Synergy: Steer® + Pit Crew Marketing = Unmatched Customer Loyalty 

With this partnership, Steer® and Pit Crew Marketing are bringing together two powerful forces in the auto repair industry. Steer’s expertise in managing customer relationships will synergize with the rewards and retention program offered by Pit Crew Marketing. The result? Auto repair shops will now be able to offer customers an unrivaled loyalty experience that not only incentivizes repeat business but also encourages new customer referrals. Together, Steer® and Pit Crew Marketing offer a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that amplifies customer engagement and, in turn, drives business growth. 

“We are incredibly excited to be partnered with a great company like Pit Crew Marketing, ” says Parker Swift, CEO of Steer® and Mechanic Advisor, “The combination of Steer’s CRM capabilities and Pit Crew Marketing’s rewards program will revolutionize how our customers interact with their clients. We’re confident this collaboration will lead to increased customer loyalty, improved retention, and together, making our customers more successful.” 

“Everyone at Pit Crew Marketing and Pit Crew CoOp are beyond thrilled to be partnering with Steer by Mechanic Advisor.  Steer is the recognized leader in Auto Shop CRM and we are in alignment culturally and strategically”, said Jeff Rudnick CEO of Pit Crew Marketing and CoOp.  The combination of proven Social Impact, Rewards and Customer Care strategies with Steer’s Industry leading CRM will add exponential value to both client bases.

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