When done right, a Rewards Program will supercharge your auto repair shop’s customer loyalty and retention and build a lasting relationship.

We’ll show you how our built-in Referral Program and Community Engagement Engine will bring in as many new customers as you want every month.

Many of our clients on Pit Crew’s eWardMe Rewards Program have seen:

  • 1-and-Dones DECREASE as much as 50%
  • Average Repair Order (ARO) INCREASE by 22%+
  • Annual Household Spend INCREASE by 60%
  • Average Annual Visits INCREASE by 40%+
  • Referral / Community Engagement as many new customers as you want

If your Rewards Program or Customer Care Program aren’t giving you these results – then you’re probably doing it WRONG.

Let us show you how to do it RIGHT.

Book your complimentary Rewards Program Consultation and Demo today with Pit Crew’s Business Development Manager, Phil Jackson.